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Character Art

Our expertly crafted Characters bring an event to life. With an eye for detail, we combine beautiful costumes, strong acting and expert event hype to provide unique and memorable moments for any event.

Classic Clowns, Jesters, Harlequins, Mimes, Mermaids, and Greek Gods are just the beginning. Let us show you the endless possibilities for bringing any event to life beyond your imagination.

We will take care of all the research, taking on a complete character down to the accent, skills, costuming, and flair. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities and real moments with your favorite fantasy characters. We take great care in ensuring accuracy with eras, continents, and historical relevancy. Memories that will last a lifetime!

Clowns, Mimes, Harlequins, Jesters


Host or Hostess

Skilled Characters


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